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Avante Consulting Solutions Has Become SAS CI 360 Certified and A Silver...

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As a foremost Nigerian-based software agency, we at Avante Consulting Solutions are proud to announce that we have recently acquired SAS CI 360 certification. As a SAS silver partner, this certification adds to our reputation as a stand-out company in Africa with CI checked.

While we take pride in our client base that extends across the telecommunications and banking industries, we are also breaking boundaries as the first local SAS partner on the continent, exploring opportunities in other industries to implement the technology of customer intelligence.

SAS Customer Intelligence is a cloud-based and on-premise integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing management suite that caters to midsize businesses across various industry verticals. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 delivers purpose-built, intelligent marketing for today's modern enterprises. It moves brands from data, to insight, to action with rich functionality for adaptive planning, journey activation, and real-time decisioning.

The solution enables us to manage customer data, plan marketing for accountability, activate customer journeys for profitable leads, embed analytics, and extend brand impact for a broader experience. The guarded intelligence models are named Plan, Discover, Engage, and Match, plus a later VIYA model for artificial intelligence and decisioning.

We can swiftly deploy advanced analytics and machine learning to improve our understanding of our customers and optimize their journeys without the need for a full team of data scientists. By implementing SAS CI 360 as a software as a service approach and open APIs, we can easily integrate with our existing tech and add value to our current customer intelligence solutions without needing to start again from scratch.

Our key capabilities include testing and learning, guided analytics, personalization and recommendations, and customer journey optimization. Our key benefits include the ability to enrich customer data and gain deeper insights, boost customer acquisition and retention rates with analytic A/B, multi-arm bandit, and multi-variate testing, increase customer loyalty and engagement rates through personalized communications across all marketing channels, and increase customer dwell time and spend through unique recommendations.

As consultants, we have in-depth campaign management knowledge and delivery experience with SAS CI and other vendors, as well as full SAS CI certifications and training. This enables us to get answers from digital channels and take the most effective actions, using everything we know about our customers to enable more relevant, targeted, and individualized communications on all marketing touchpoints.


20 Jan 2022