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Avante Consulting Solutions introduces its loyalty business with the MoLoyal Customer App

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Avante Consulting Solutions has launched its loyalty business with the MoLoyal Customer App on Google Play Store

Uniquely tailored for MoLoyal merchants, the app will increase customer spending and repeat visits while accumulating valuable information that the merchants can use to market to their customers.

MoLoyal is more secure and less subject to fraud because payments are processed through customer’s terminal. It provides versatility by defining several types of loyalty programs: one for everyday, another for special days/periods. Customers can track their benefits, points and cash rewards using the mobile app or customer web portal.

"A billboard in your customer's wallet or mobile phone", the aim is to increase traffic, build loyalty and preference for your business over your competitors. Merchant benefits include accounting, extensive reporting versus manual or no accounting for paper punch cards. From every customer transaction, rich behavioural data is produced alongside traditional data. This opens up a world of understanding and insight.

The process has been created solely to drive customer action and create revenue for merchants.

Push notifications are sent to targeted groups, informing them of special offers, vouchers or discounts and create meaningful actions.

Through a coalition loyalty programs like MoLoyal, customers can earn rewards from multiple, participating brands (e.g. retail, dining, entertainment), and can use the combined earning power to earn, redeem and benefit from rewards faster and more frequently . No longer required to spend years and thousands of naira to earn a tangible reward, members can easily turn their everyday spending with multiple merchants into tangible, everyday savings. It will also help brands and retailers engage with potential customers.

Patrick Marinho, Chief Executive Officer of Avante Consulting Solution said: “We are very pleased to be rolling out the Moloyal reward system. We have designed a solution that sets us apart from the competition by having one customer, one app, one card, one currency and high transparency to both customers and merchants.”


26 May 2017