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Golive news about Fidelity bank on eGain with a focus on social channels

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Avante Consulting Solutions is pleased to announce that we have successfully gone live with an implementation of eGain knowledge management, email, and social channels for Fidelity Bank PLC.

Fidelity Bank PLC is a leading Nigerian financial institution that is committed to providing innovative and personalized services to its customers. With eGain, the bank can deliver high-quality customer experiences through a range of digital channels, including email, social media, and web.

eGain is a cloud-based customer engagement platform that offers a range of solutions, including knowledge management, customer service, and social media management. With eGain, Fidelity Bank PLC can provide its customers with fast and accurate answers to their questions and concerns, while also improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Avante Consulting Solutions is a leading Nigerian-based software agency that specializes in implementing customer engagement solutions. With eGain, Avante can help Fidelity Bank PLC deliver high-quality customer experiences and improve customer satisfaction.

"We are thrilled to be working with Fidelity Bank PLC and implementing eGain for them," said Patrick Marinho, CEO of Avante Consulting Solutions. "eGain is a powerful platform that enables organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences through a range of digital channels. We are confident that with eGain, Fidelity Bank PLC will be able to provide its customers with the high-quality service they expect."

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15 Jun 2022