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Venture Garden Group

Venture Garden Group (VGG) is a leading provider of innovative, data-driven, end-to-end technology platforms addressing reconciliation and payment processing inefficiencies across multiple sectors of the African economy. VGG required a solution to be deployed to manage multiple communication (submission, tracking and resolution) of beneficiary and service provider cases, including a centralised call center for individuals to obtain information about the programs and to report problems or make complaints. Avante was chosen to deploy eGain 17 comprising of deploy eGain Mail, eGain Chat, eGain CallTrack and eGain Knowledge+AI as the solution to serve their purpose.

Sage Integrated Marine Services Ltd

Sage Integrated Marine Services Ltd specialises in providing marine and offshore support solutions to the oil and gas industry. The company was founded to bridge the gap of providing international best practices whilst satisfying the local Nigerian market demand. Avante was chosen to build a website for Sage that showcases their mission, vision, services, clients and most importantly their world class standards.

Tanjarin is a news aggregation platform that pride itself on finding the most pertinent and important stories, videos, and every other kind of media. Concert tickets are also sold on the platform under the umbrella of their parent company Flytime entertainment. Avante was selected to build the state of the art entertainment platform and to be their technical support partner as they continue to grow into one of the biggest entertainment platforms in Nigeria.

Contraco Limited

Contraco Limited is a reputable and multifaceted Oil and Gas, shipping, and Logistics Company incorporated in 1986 with certification of incorporation number RC 53587. Contraco Limited provides a complete range of engineering design services to the Oil and Gas sector. Avante developed a website to help Contraco connect with clients and showcase their projects

4H Offshore

4H Offshore provides optimal, timely, and quality goods and services in a safe and environmentally friendly manner to the Oil and Gas, power, and petrochemical industries. The mission at 4H Offshore is to contribute to the development of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry with a view to enhancing the development of local skill and expertise within the industry in Nigeria while ensuring customer satisfaction and continual improvement on our processes and services. Avante was selected to build a website that helps 4H deliver it’s message to clients.

Chilpharm Pharmacy

Chilpharm Pharmacy is a modern pharmacy store catering for the entire needs of the community by providing professional pharmaceutical services to customers and ensuring that all products are sourced from reliable wholesalers. Avante was selected to create an e-commerce website where customers are able to order and pay online and receive delivery for their products.


JWT is the world\'s best known marketing and Communications brand. In Nigeria the company operates as LTC-JWT. As a result of an initiative to make client services more efficient, JWT engaged Avante to provide Project Management training to 40 members of staff. The course was based on University of Surrey\'s School of Management curriculum on professional development and current JWT projects. This resulted in reduced delivery timelines and costs savings for the company.


An online company that provides mobile content such as ringtones, messaging solutions, flight booking services and Infosearch, an online business directory for customers. Avante Consulting implemented a Network Infrastructure that is robust and reliable. This is an essential requirement for FunMobile as they position themselves to be the top player in the mobile content market in West Africa.

Utopia Media

A digitally wired media and communication agency that delivers digital solutions to clients. Through collaboration with Utopia Media, Avante Consulting have built an intelligent Network Infrastructure which will enable Utopia Media to achieve their goal of becoming the No. 1 Digital Agency in Africa by 2018.

Akin Squared

A production outfit that does both Photography and film. They have worked with some of the big cooperate bodies and individuals around Nigeria and abroad.

To create the awareness for Akin Squared Productions, Avante developed a website which would be visually appealing to art critics, art lovers, players in the entertainment industry and the general public alike.